It starts with…….. Lady Homemade!

Today I won a book!  Not just any book but a Paleo book I have had on my list for a while “It starts with Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig from

I was super surprised and excited as I won it from my “blog crush” as my friend Julie would call her!

My “blog crush” is Lady Homemade:

I love her blog as:

♥ She makes wonderful food that is quick and easy and the family enjoys

♥ Her blog is simple and because of this I enjoy reading each post

♥ She is just so real – I love real people

♥ She has great competitions 🙂

One our family’s favourite recipe of hers is the “Quick Salmon Patties”.  They are quick, cost nothing to make and are delicious.


Thanks Lady Homemade I am thankful for the book and your blog rocks!

I recommend you go and check it out!


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