If all else fails science will help my 2 year old eat veggies?!?

Part 3 of a 3 part series on Paleo and Kids

In my last post on this 3 part series I will discuss what I am putting in my son’s lunchbox.

I find lunch time the hardest meal for myself let alone what to pack in my son’s lunchbox.  It’s easy to get busy and start looking to pack convenient “packages” into the lunchbox and soon you have a convenient box of processed food and sugar – not good!

A typical lunch for my son would have consisted of:

  • A sandwich on white bread with spreadable butter with jam/honey/vegemite/cheese slice.
  • A packet of tiny teddies
  • A fruit or veggie squeeze pack
  • A piece of fruit (normally strawberries/grapes)
  • A kid’s style yoghurt
  • Some flavoured rice crackers with pre-packaged dip (like gherkin dip)
  • A pre-packaged muffin/lamington/slice etc

While it might have been convenient for me to pack each day I would not call this a very healthy lunch for my 2 year old. Plus it was also very expensive and a lot of the food especially the sandwich would come home and be thrown out.  I had a chat with one of the daycare teachers and she suggested instead of the sandwich I give him leftover dinner – brilliant! That’s what we have for our lunches so packing another one would be no problem.  Then I looked at a cheaper option for the pre brought yoghurt.  I decided on plain full fat greek yoghurt as the flavoured yoghurts are full of sugar.  I normally go for the Aldi organic greek yoghurt or Jalna brand and I add a handful of frozen raspberries (quite inexpensive from Aldi) and by the time he eats it the raspberries are soft and sauce like.  On Sundays I make up divide up the yoghurt into small containers with the raspberries and have them sitting in the fridge ready to go for the week.

I also decided that making up a batch of biscuits for the week where I am able to control the ingredients going in is far better than store brought. When I brought my thermomix I also started making my own dips and whatever other things I have time to make for the week.   On Sunday I made two batches of biscuits, some banana custard, some fruit balls and dinner in around an hour which lays the foundation for a good week ahead.  At the end of this post I have included some recipe ideas that have worked for us.

Now the overhauled lunch box looks more like this:

  • Leftover dinner
  • A healthier style biscuit
  • Greek yoghurt with frozen raspberries
  • A piece of fruit
  • Unflavoured rice crackers with homemade dip like beetroot/cream cheese and veg/avocado
  • A sometimes treat of homemade cake/slice/banana custard

Whilst it is not strictly Paleo I still feel much happier about what I am sending him to daycare with and the bonus is, it’s healthier, costs less, only takes a little bit extra time to make these things (especially in the thermomix) and I know what I am giving him.

Here are a few paleo style recipes we like (would love to hear yours!):

Has anyone seen the latest Aldi lunchbox campaign?  Sorry Aldi in my eyes reduced fat milk drinks, 99% fruit juice, a snack pack, small packet of chips for variety in a “balanced “ lunchbox is not an option in my child’s lunch!


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  1. Your a good Mum Leah. Sid eats a lot. How long is his day in care? I no longer allow tiny teddies either, they are evil! Max’s kinder is nut & egg free, which makes it hard, he can’t take any home baked goods. I have bought the sneaky chef book, so I have started hiding veges 🙂

    • Thanks Lisa. He has a long daycare from about 8am to 5.30pm but he does eat a fair bit as well. Egg free would make things very difficult for home baking. Does Max have any favourite recipes from the Sneaky Chef?

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