We are a Brisbane family of four following the Paleo lifestyle the best we can! I am passionate about Paleo after loosing 30kg and regaining my zest for life.  I am so passionate about Paleo that I organise the Brisbane Paleo Meetup Group http://www.meetup.com/Paleo-Brisbane/.  A group for like-minded people discussing all things Paleo and Brisbane.  You can follow me on Facebook or Instagram “Brisbane Paleo Family”. I also moderate the Brisbane Paleo Group facebook group where lot’s of great discussions are had!  I love the Brisbane Paleo community and I love connecting the community with Paleo related businesses and vice versa.  If that sounds like you please email me on brisbanepaleo@gmail.com

I believe that Paleo is only as hard as you make it and if you do the best you can you can succeed in living this awesome lifestyle for your whole life!

New to Paleo or not sure what Paleo is?

Dr Anastasia Boulais from Whole9 South Pacific’s quote sums up Paleo perfectly to me!

“PALEO= a lifestyle and nutritional framework that relies on foods high in nutrient value, appropriate to our species and has its basis in evolutionary principles.”



You can find loads of information on the internet but I recommend Whole 9, Rob Wolf, Dr Lorain Cordain or Mark Sisson to get you started.  If you are looking for more Australian information then I would recommend Paleo in Melbourne, Eat Drink Paleo, Bam Pow Paleo to name a few.

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