What’s in a NNAM’s Fridge? Brisbane Paleo Family Fridge

Well hello there!

Today I am showing you what is inside my fridge thanks to Natural New Age Mum you can see inside a lot of different fridges! No staged photo.  Just what I had there at the time. Ok maybe I did just give it a wipe over from the little grubby fingers that are always in the fridge saying “I’m hungry!”



Seems you have caught me on a day when the fridge is almost bare (for us)!

What’s that in my fridge you ask?  Well it seems to be a lot of Tupperware! Bet you thought it was going to be full of meat hey!

We are a busy family so I always cook extra meals and use them for lunch the next day so we don’t have to buy lunch out.  I can’t always fit our fruit and veg into the crisper so I keep it in Tupperware  (left over from the days when I was once a demonstrator of course!)

Baby has just started solids so we have little pots of food in there for her and there may also be some Green and Blacks chocolate in there for a special occasion 🙂

Some of Quirky Cooking’s salted caramel (delicious) and Cyndi O’Meara’s paleo bread.

The door looks bare but it is normally full of eggs!  We go through around 3-4 cartons a fortnight.

We drink Kombucha- a fermented tea drink (brewed ourselves but recycled in the Buchi bottle!)  We also have a soda stream to make fizzy water which is great when you want something a little different then just water.  It is great with lemon or lime slices.

We do have a little dairy in the fridge.  My husband and 3 year old still have milk (yuck supermarket milk but we had run out!), organic yoghurt and westgold butter.  The dog also eats paleo as in he eats fresh chicken necks!  We try and do the best we can do on the budget we are on.  Organic fruit and veg, grassfed and organic meat where possible and the rest I buy from Aldi.

Thanks for taking a look in my fridge!

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Cream, Butter Bells and Soda Streams these are just a few of my Favourite things!

At the moment I am as busy as ever but I am also heading into my third trimester of pregnancy and I am really feeling my body start to slow down!  In my first pregnancy I never really had any particular food cravings but I did really enjoy drinking milk which I don’t normally.  This time round I still don’t have any “real” cravings but I can’t get enough full fat cream!  I never over eat it as it makes me feel full but it feels like I am having an incredibly naughty treat.  I can whip it in the Thermomix in a few seconds!

Speaking of Thermomix and cream I have been making my own butter.  Homemade butter is like no other – it’s really like solid cream!  But the thing with real butter is it’s hard straight out of the fridge and who has time for it to soften?  And in our Queensland weather there is no leaving butter on the counter. Hello ants and fruit flies!

My friend Julie ordered me this amazing thing  – a Butter Bell.  I am sure they have been around for years but we never ate real butter growing up so I had never heard of a Butter Bell.  Its basically a vessel to keep your butter soft and from going rancid without using the fridge.  You just fill it with a little cold water every three days and the butter stays fresh and soft.

A definite favourite thing!


My other favourite thing at the moment is fizzy water!  I was sick of carrying bottles of mineral water back and forth from the shops – let alone the amount of plastic we were consuming in the house so I brought my hubby a Soda Stream for Christmas.  Thinking he would think it a gimmick and never use it, I braced myself for the “oh that’s a nice present” but instead of putting it aside he actually uses it regularly and it is a definite favourite thing in our house!

After completing the Whole 9 Seminar a few weeks back a few of you may have seen my Facebook posts on practicing good meal time habits.  We have cleared the table of electronic devices, turned the TV off, set the table and we pour ourselves a wine glass of “fizzy water” with a slice of lemon or lime.  It is amazing how good fizzy water tastes out of a wine glass.  I am not kidding give it a try!


Our dining table complete with flowers from the garden and home made decorations by the 2 year old.

My last favourite thing for today is Lamb – grass fed lamb that tastes like Lamb your grandmother used to cook!  I placed an order with Mitchell Grass Meats last month and ordered a 10kg lamb pack.  It was great value for money with 2 amazing lamb roasts, lamb chops, shanks, necks and other cuts of lamb.  We have enjoyed the beautiful fresh taste of the lamb and we will be ordering again.

Here is a tip I learnt from my friend – make sure you clear your freezer out before you receive your order 🙂