My Christmas gift to my friends this year is a gift to others!

Sipping on our coffees this morning at the Northey Street Markets a kindly gentleman told my girlfriends and I we looked “honest, reliable and friendly”.  “Ah thanks”,  we said but what do you really want we were thinking!  Turns out he was looking for “honest, reliable and friendly” people to help in his Christmas shop.

As he spoke I remembered I had heard of him on the news before.  Each year he opens a shop the week before Christmas, people donate all kinds of gifts to the shop and those less fortunate come and do their Christmas shopping.  Each year this grows bigger and bigger as more people find out about it.

So this year I thought instead of buying my friends Christmas presents since most of us don’t want for anything I will use the money to donate gifts to this man and his wonderful idea.

Merry Christmas friends! My gift to you is a gift to others!  Let’s hope this brightens the Christmas of a few people.

If you are interested in joining in the Christmas spirit you can find all the details here:

Also Dennis is looking for people to help in the shop during business hours and help tidy up and restock after hours.  If you are interested in helping the shop is located in Bulimba this year his contact details are also on the website.