Low Carb Downunder inspired me to start this Blog!

I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while and when I attended Low Carb Downunder “What should we Eat” I decided it was time!  My family and I have been reasonably Paleo for about a year.  I say “reasonably” because I am 16 weeks pregnant and since becoming pregnant for the first 14 weeks I did introduce bread (and a few other things) back into my diet and I felt terrible!  Now I am happy to say the morning sickness has passed and I am back into my Paleo diet but with a slight twist to before.

Since hearing Jimmy Moore from livinlavidalowcarb.com speak (my podcast hero live in person!) I have added a bit more fat back into our diet and so far so good!  I am not feeling as hungry and I have certainly not wanted for bread at all!

So how good was Low Carb Downunder?

It was amazing to see around 300 people turn up and support this event which just proves the Paleo community is growing bigger and bigger.

The day started perfectly with David Gillespie ( I call him that guy that wrote those books about sugar)  author of “Sweet Poison” and “Big Fat Lies” and spoke about eliminating fructose and you will automatically lose weight.  I really thought he was American but was surprised to see he is an Australian! You can find more information about him here: http://sweetpoison.com.au/. After his talk I thought I had better stop sneaking down to Boost Juice for that 3pm sugar fix!

Dr Eric Davis followed him who is a local dentist interested in the effects of mercury in teeth.  He is a leader in biological dentistry and showed lots of interesting case studies.  One of the parts I enjoyed most was at the panel discussion someone asked him what he thought of fluoride in water and he said it should be put in sugar instead!  They then went on to say tooth decay is an early warning sign as some health related diseases do not show for years and adding fluoride to the water is just masking these signs.

One of my favourite speakers of the day (besides Jimmy) had to be Dr Anastasia Boulais.  I was really looking forward to hearing here and she did not disappoint.  She said how Paleo was not a diet but a set of principles and that eating Paleo was appropriate to our species.  Her discussion on evolutionary principles really broke Paleo down into an easy to understand format that anyone could understand.  I also enjoyed how she spoke of eating appropriate to the season.  You can find more info on here: http://primalmeded.com/

I have a lot more to say about Low Carb Dowunder so we will say this is just part one of most likely a few posts as being a busy working mum with a toddler there is only a few spare moments to myself before I have to get up again!

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