Why Meetup?

Do you ever have those days when you wonder why you are doing something – what is it all for?

I had a few questioning days like that in the last couple of weeks.  

When a call out was made late last year to help organise the Brisbane Paleo Meetup Group – I jumped at the opportunity.  I am passionate (not fanatic) about Paleo.  For the first time in my life I am totally in tune with my body, I feel fantastic and I have Paleo to thank for that.  So why not share my enthusiasm with other like-minded people?

Our first meeting was a fantastic turn out of around 20 people.  We went around the table and shared our stories with one another.  Every story was inspirational and empowering.  Even those just starting on their journey could feel the support and encouragement from the group.

Isn’t it amazing when you find a group of people all on the same page as you?

Then our little group quickly grew in numbers and we needed to iron out a few teething issues (as you would with any new group).  It was evident we needed a few guidelines for the group, I needed some help organising, there was the question of paying for the Meetup page,  the calling around of places to host suitable Meetups and finally the organisation of the event.  All of this and I was wondering whether I was doing the right things since I had never even heard of Meetup until last year. (There may have been a few pregnancy hormones caught up in my drama too!)

Deep Breath!

During this time I was so lucky to have had contact with Jo.  Jo – an amazing person and the organizer of the Melbourne Paleo Meetup Group!  When everything seemed like it was a little too much I contacted my  Meetup “mentor” (as I am now calling her!) and she gave me some sensible advice.

Why not put it to the group?  

The Brisbane Paleo Group is a bunch of fantastic people – I knew this so I focused my energy on the next Meetup, wrote down my concerns and put it to the group.  The weather was glorious, we had a nice turn out for a Paleo picnic and the group shared the issues and helped find solutions.

Sitting around talking to the group, sharing food, feeling totally comfortable with these people made me wonder why I questioned why I was doing all of this!  It was obvious! People join Meetup for all kinds of reasons but the most common response I hear is to “meet other like-minded people”.  It is wonderful to be able to share your views, recipes, have discussions with people who understand, learn, grow and where you don’t feel like you are being judged or having to justify why you do this.

I feel energised, inspired and keeps me on track this is why I Meetup!

Why do you Meetup?

If you don’t Meetup – why not Meetup?  More details here:http://www.meetup.com/Paleo-Brisbane/