I’ve got Number 11 on “How to prepare for a successful 2013” sorted for you!

Hopefully you love Paleo enough to subscribe to Mark’s Daily Apple? Great!  Then if you read his post “21 Simple things to do to Prepare for a successful 2013” you would have seen: “11. Browse Meetup.com for relevant local groups”. Well I can totally help you with that one!

If you live in Brisbane and you are interested in meeting like-minded Paleo people then head over to http://www.meetup.com/Paleo-Brisbane/.  Our very first get together is coming up on Sunday January 20 at 3:00pm at the Botanical Cafe, Mt Cootha.  You can find more details here: http://www.meetup.com/Paleo-Brisbane/events/94502462/

I am super excited!  I have never been to a “Meetup” before but I jumped at the opportunity to help get this group up and running! I hope we can follow in the footsteps of our interstate counterparts and make this a successful group for all things Paleo in Brisbane.  If you are interested then please go and check it out! Even if you have a slight interest in Paleo and are looking for more information then I say come along and talk to some people who have been following the lifestyle.  Everyone attending will be at all stages of their journey and I can’t wait to hear their stories.

Hopefully I will see you there too!